History of NRWD

Northeast Regional Water District is the result of merging the Landgon Rural Water and North Valley Water systems. Our mission is to provide drinking water in sufficient quantity and quality to meet the needs of our members.

Board of Directors

Richard Bigwood President

Richard Bigwood

Michele Schommer Vice President

Michele Schommer
Vice President

Bruce Henschel Secretary-Treasurer

Burce Henschel

Scott Stewart Legal Counsel

Scott Stewart
Legal Counsel

Winston Johnson Jr Director

Winston Johnson Jr

Kevin Brown Director

Kevin Brown

Brian Kram Director

Brian Kram

Arnie Peterson Director

Arnie Peterson

NRWD Staff

Jeremy Schuler General Manager

Jeremy Schuler
General Manager

Wayne Waltz - Branch Manager Langdon

Wayne Waltz
Branch Manager, Langdon

Tyler Hannesson
Water Operator, Cavalier

Jeff Harildstad Water Operator Cavalier

Jeff Harildstad
Water Operator, Cavalier

Connie Halldorson Office Manager

Connie Halldorson
Office Manager

Miranda Scholler - Assistant Office Manager

Miranda Scholler
Assistant Office Manager

Corban Gage

Corban Gage
Water Operator, Langdon

Logan Magnus Water Operator Cavalier

Logan Magnus
Water Operator, Cavalier